How Serious is Psoriasis?

I couldn’t sleep last night, which is usual for me on Sundays as the weekend comes to an end, so I did a little more research on psoriasis for my bedtime reading. I stumbled on a few discontinued blogs by psoriasis sufferers and Howard Chang’s blog on EverydayHealth, where I read about severe sufferers admitted in a psoriasis treatment centre for a week or more because the psoriasis patches had literally covered more than 95% of their skin. Apparently psoriasis is also common in HIV carriers. I read a case where a psoriasis patient died; few details were exposed but the poster, his mother, said immune system was too weak.

So at 12:04am, I was freaking out. Even when my eczema was at it’s worst, I’ve never had it cover my entire body without even a bit of healthy skin somewhere. Was 95% coverage the severity of the disease? Was it death? This is my second year with psoriasis, a possible sign that my immune system is continuing to weaken. Could my immune system eventually kill me over the years?

Psoriasis on my right shoulder.


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