Happy things

So far, all I’ve written about is eczema, but one of the reasons I started this blog was to remind me that eczema doesn’t consume my whole life (even though sometimes the intense itching makes it seem so), and that there’s a lot more going on. I wanted the blog to be about a life with eczema, not a life led by eczema, so I also want to include other things in my life. (As a girl, shopping plays a big part!)

Last week I headed to a Pedder Red warehouse sale, where shoes were marked down to $100 and $200 (originally at ~$800!) and bought three pairs of shoes. Perfect timing because I only have one pair of flats left in my shoe closet that doesn’t have either a hole in the sole or have the sole coming off.

These yellow ones are by far my favourite. I actually almost bought them three years ago, but I chose a gold pair instead (which are now intact but much less gold-y), so imagine my excitement to see them again (on super sale too!)

Still figuring out how to take a good shot of shoes, but here are the yellow flats for now.

New Envirosax bag. Love the tiny lunch-box bag. Can’t wait to start using this to carry my tupperware to work!

Afternoon tea at Langham Place’s Portal- Work and Play.
Played around with vintage effects on Pixlr-O-Matic for this image.

Adorable cups.


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