Stop the Itch! Vicks VapoRub and Carmex Lip Balm

2011 August 0204 Vicks vs Carmex
Image via Vicks and Carmex. (Sorry the image is a bit blurry, I’ll try and upload another one later when I have time.

Before I gave in and scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist last week, I was itching like crazy. Some nights I literally could not sleep. I would head to bed around 11pm, and wake up around 1 or 2am from the itching. I couldn’t stand it! I stumbled across a few forums where people said that Vicks Vaporub helped their intense itch. I didn’t have any Vicks at home (I stopped using it after I started high school), I decided to slather some Carmex lip balm on it instead (when you’re desperately itching, you’ll try anything as long as it doesn’t kill you). I use their lip balm (which is amazing by the way, I get soft, smooth, moisturized lips every time), and it has roughly the same main ingredients as Vicks Vaporub. It helped my itching a little bit and I finally caught a few more hours of quality sleep, but didn’t clear up the eczema (which was also what was pointed out in the forums).

Has anyone ever tried this? Did it make your itching / eczema better or worse?


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