The Weekend, in Snapshots

Saturday Lunch
Lunch at Stanley. Beautiful weather!

Sunday CWB
Only in Hong Kong: costumed dancers outside World Trade Centre.

Saturday Dinner
Family dinner for ghost festival!

Sunday New Apartment
Countdown to moving day: 7!

Sunday Salad
Garden salad at Cafe One.

Sunday Lights Out
Lights out.

:: The weekend was generally a relaxing one (finally, a relaxing one!). I managed to avoid alcohol (which definitely helped the little bit of eczema that’s left) but I couldn’t avoid late nights (which didn’t help the eczema). The sunny weather on Saturday really lifted my mood after what was an incredibly stressful week (I lost 5lbs!). Family dinners always cheer me up, especially when its a full house, with all 15 of us and three generations present!

:: We checked on the progress at the new apartment on Sunday, looks like we’re almost there. My very tiny room is all white so that it’s visually larger. The bed looks mighty high but I’m delighted with all the storage space I have underneath!

:: I got home on Sunday night to find that there was no electricity on the top five floors. I waited downstairs for an hour – because what would be the point of going upstairs and sitting in the heat and dark? – until I was too hot and sleepy to wait any longer. Good thing I found this party candle light (battery operated), which I used to light the shower too. How romantic. Note to self: buy emergency candles and flashlight.

Sunday Arm
Not-itchy, not-pretty eczema rash.

It was a hot, hot 33 degrees over the weekend and I wore this black tank top to a friend’s birthday drinks. We were sitting at a large round table, and one of the girls asked, “Were you out in the sun? You seem a little burnt, there are some marks on your arms.” She was, of course, referring to my eczema. I was so embarrassed as a few heads turned to look my way, and all I could do was lie and say, “Yes, I went to Stanley yesterday and was out in the sun. It was quite hot!”. How else are you supposed to react when you have 12 pairs of eyes looking at your eczema? I guess I didn’t realise how seriously not-pretty it looks until I took this picture.


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