Eczema in the News: August 2011

There’s been a good share of eczema in the news this month: general tips, “scientific” discoveries (can’t call them scientific unless I quote a journal paper) and interesting tidbits. Take a look at some of the most interesting eczema news stories below!

Eczema News August 2011

1. Great albeit generic tips. Eczema sufferers should have these skin care rules memorized by now!

2. Previous studies claim that crucial antigens that protect against allergies are passed on to newborns through breastmilk. New studies show that might not be the case. Fabulous news, if it’s true, because now I can stop blaming my mom. Mom, I love you but why did you give me eczema?!

3. Britney Spears has eczema too? Is this for real? I did a quick search zero search results returned so I’m not buying this. Filed away as: rumour!

4. A camp for kids with chronic skin conditions! I understand that the camp is for kids with chronic, lethal or terminal skin conditions but I’m glad to see that it’s open to kids with eczema too. This is what kids need , a safe environment where they can have fun and avoid awkward stares. Awesome!

Eczema News August 2011

5. We all know that we should moisturize but can it kill you? Because that’s apparently how Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut died.

6. I find this insulting: eczema does not cause drunk driving and certainly no amount of itching would cause someone to drive INTO the store to seek medical attention.

7. The Beat Eczema program counts as news too? This article reads more like an e-book review or promotion to me. I’m still firmly in the “There’s No Cure for Eczema” camp. If anyone has tried this and it works, please let me know!

8. When it comes to eczema, laundry detergent might be the culprit, or not according to this article. Sure P&G, your studies might say that Tide detergent has no harmful effect on skin but that doesn’t explain why I itch whenever I use it. Sorry, but I’m still sticking with my Woolite.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Thanks to Sarah at Sweet Life for posting a tutorial on Picnik collages!


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