Pick-Me-Up: Little Darlings

You know those days where you just feel “off” for no rational reason? That’s been me this week.

We recently moved into a new flat (more on the new home later). I love the new neighbourhood; still untouched by monstrous city skyscapers and fancy residential buildings, it’s full of old-Hong Kong flavour. Last week was literally filled with round-the-clock packing, moving, unpacking and trying to settle in among the dust of final renovation touch ups and yet-to-be-unpacked boxes. While the move has kept me extremely busy and I absolutely love the new apartment that immediately feels like home, I still feel rather unsettled. Maybe it’s because I haven’t completely unpacked yet and my routine is still out of whack (I can’t find the kettle to boil water so we’re drinking out of huge bottles from 7-11, and I’m currently dressing from a handful of clothes temporarily thrown in a cardboard box).

If anything can lift my mood, it’s babies. Something about their bubbly laughs, the twinkle in the large, round eyes when they smile and their smooth and soft skin warms my heart and makes me smile everytime. I spent the morning browsing blogs (part of my job anyways) and pinning for my pinterest . A few images of these little darlings and a cup of steaming coffee, and I immediately felt better.

What lifts your mood?

2011 Sept 010 Babies 03

2011 Sept 010 Babies 04

2011 Sept 010 Babies 05b

2011 Sept 010 Babies 02

Image via, via, via, via, via.


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