The Weekend, Barely

2011 Sept 011 Weekend Nails
Favourite shade of nude nail polish that I’ve had for years now.

2011 Sept 011 View from flat
Evening view from our new flat.

Originally, I had a bunch of super fun plans for the weekend: a Friday night catch up with friends, an annual family camping trip that my younger cousins and grandmother absolutely love and a friend’s wedding banquet. Unfortunately, too many miscellaneous house-related tasks, unpacking duties and a sudden flu bug cancelled all my plans. The body is a funny thing; one minute you’re fine and the next you’re so dizzy that you’re about to keel over. So the weekend was spent unpacking, sleeping, sleeping and pinning on my Pinterest in the wee moments I was awake (I am determined to make a bento lunch box this year!) Took the day off this morning because I just couldn’t shake off the bug – have not been this sick in a while. Hope you all had a lovelier weekend than mine!

2011 Sept 011 Weekend Bento 1

2011 Sept 011 Weekend Bento 3

2011 Sept 011 Weekend Bento 2

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2 responses to “The Weekend, Barely”

  1. Jill says :

    That food is adorable!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  2. veryyang says :

    Definitely, they make any meal so much more fun!

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