The Weekends, in Snapshots

I absolutely love nightscapes, especially of Hong Kong.

Missed the weekend recap last week and wish I had more pictures to post today. The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy with work projects, work projects, work projects, birthday celebrations and cramming for an exam (which I accidentally missed. Oops). I barely took any photos, which were all mediocre at best anyways, but I’ll tell you that the celebrations were mostly delicious meals with good wine and even better company, and a few trips to the cinema and spa.

I’m not too pleased about turning another year older; I feel like there are still so many things I want to do before I turn another year older, and for some of them it almost feels like the opportunity has passed (because, you know, I’m pretty sure I’m too old to accomplish the title of an Olympic swimmer or gymnast this year). But you know what they say (they, or some other old, wise men) – you just have to make the most of what you have, and never stop chasing after your dreams.

froie grasbuttery cod
:: My love for harbour views, especially at night, is well known so I was lucky to be taken out for a lunch with a view of the skyline. Amazing-but-way-too-filling foie gras and a scrumptious buttery pan-fried cod.

dim sum 1dim sum 3
:: I discovered a new-for-me dim sum place in the neighbourhood. The restaurant is very well known and because it’s old-school, it was filled with all the things that remind me of old Hong Kong movies. A noisy, bustling atmosphere filled with long-time and family patrons, and a friendly, self-serve atmosphere. A dim sum restaurant is about the tea just as much as it’s about the food, and I loved the way it was done here, with thick leaves, pots warmed on old-school stoves and a cup-style serving.

first ever manicure
:: I was treated to my first ever manicure, a gift from a friend. The colour is a lot smoother when done by someone else, especially after you apply a top coat, which I never do. I’m not sure I’ll be going again though. The nails look great, but there’s a feeling of satisfaction when I do them myself. I’ll be sure to invest in a top coat though! (It’s already chipped in the picture since it’s been about a week now but it was pretty at the time!)


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