I Can’t Stop Sneezing in the Morning

bathroom sneezing

Over the past year, that’s pretty much been my morning routine. My alarm wakes and even before I can open my eyes, I can sense something disturbingly uncomfortable building in my head, towards my nose and then:

a choo
a choo!

I try to turn over to try and snooze a little longer but either my nose is too runny, the roof of my mouth is too itchy or I’m jolted wide awake after multiple sneezes, such that my attempt to snooze is far removed from me. Dang it.

I think the sneezing is a symptom of allergies (to what though, I’m not exactly sure), and I think the allergies are linked to a weak(weaker? weakening?) immune system that’s linked to eczema. After all, hay fever, asthma and eczema are all part of the allergy triad.

I move to brush my teeth and sneeze a few more times. Sometimes toothpaste is still in my mouth and I end up having to try and coordinate my mouth and nose, either quickly spitting out the paste before a sneeze (after sneeze after sneeze erupts) or trying to hold my breath, toothbrush hanging, in attempts to stop it (you should try it if you haven’t. It’s a trick my first boyfriend taught me: hold your breath, stop inhaling and stand completely still to stop an oncoming sneeze). Sometimes, neither works and I’m
I then move to get dressed, and sneeze three more times. My mother steps out of the room “Good! Morning!” (my mom is chirpy), “Are your allergies back again? Go see the doctor today!” Like most Chinese moms, she insists I see the GP / specialist anytime I’m feeling sick. I love you Ma, but they’re not miracle workers.

On my 10-minute walk to the subway station, I sneeze a couple more times. If I’m lucky, that’s the end of my morning routine. If I’m not, my coworkers (I’m sandwiched between my teammates) get a dose of my two-in-a-rows, sometimes more than once.

That’s about 15 sneezes every morning. I should count tomorrow actually.

I don’t think that I’m allergic to anything, since this is happening regularly for a year, and it’s definitely not seasonal. I’m not really sure what I can do to make it stop except pumping up my immune system by sleeping earlier and getting more vitamins. In the meantime, someone pass the Kleenex? If anyone has any tips, please let me know!


4 responses to “I Can’t Stop Sneezing in the Morning”

  1. knave says :

    i guess u have higher eosinophilia count in ur blood.. i had the same problem. its nothing major. its mainly due to pollution/dust allergy, leading to sneezing in the morning, because the early morning chills and mist trigger those sneeze cells in the body.. i may sound medically incorrect, but im sure its eosinophilia..
    check with a doctor and he might prescribe pills for a week. and then the problem will disappear. and also stay away from dusts and pollution and cold drinks

  2. veryyang says :

    That’s an interesting observation. I wonder what kind of pills the docs would give such that I would stop sneezing as much (since I would still have those cells in the body). Thanks for your comment Knave!

  3. MacBuoro says :

    I’ve had mine going to 10years now.

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