The Weekend, in Snapshots

Mini souvenir mahjong tiles

I spent a very busy weekend showing a friend around town. He was literally here for 48 hours so we could only catch what seemed like a stolen moment of sight seeing in Hong Kong. He already had a list of places he wanted to see (or see again), which made things much easier. The trip was timely because I just bought a camera last week (that I’m not really sure how to use yet, I’m still trying to figure out how to adjust manual aperature and shutter speed at the same). I’m still loving my iPhone camera though and even though 4GS is out, I’m not so ready to trade it yet (I did just buy a new camera).

Unfortunately it was raining all weekend, thanks to typhoon season, but we still managed to have a great time. I love being able to see the city as a tourist, there are so many places to go, things to do, and food to eat that usually just seem so out of your way / schedule. It’s nice to pause and really take in the city. Haven’t sorted out all the photos yet, but as always, am still in love with the city’s nightscape.

Hong Kong's nightscape
Still loving Hong Kong’s nightscape!

Fireworks for National Day
Fireworks for National Day. View from a junk. Beautiful.

Pastries and coffee while we rested our feet and avoided the rain!

wonton noodles
Nothing beats wonton noodles with shrimp (except maybe dumpings with pork and chives mmmm!).


2 responses to “The Weekend, in Snapshots”

  1. erika says :

    I really like your blog and this nice pics!
    I follow you .. do you follow me?

    Like this


  2. veryyang says :

    Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! You have AMAZING style and an amazing eye for fashion!

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