Mini Flare Up

eczema arm

It’s been over two months since I reviewed my skin state, yikes. This blogging schedule thing is hard to get down when you have a busy full-time job, and I wonder how other bloggers handle it.

This is what my eczema looks like now. I wore a strapless dress and my colleague immediately expressed concern over the rashes on my forearm. “Did you hurt yourself?” he asked, “it looks like a bad bruise.” Eek. No, that’s my eczema!

Yesterday, our new contractor came to reinstall the cupboard doors our first contractor had botched up. I could smell the paint as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, before I even got to the door of my apartment. I seriously hoped the house smelled better and that no paint fumes had remained to trigger a flare up.

No chance. The fumes were weak but definitely still there and there was dust everywhere.

I walked in and immediately opened every single window in the apartment as wide as I could, and opened all the cupboard doors to air the house. I thought I was smart and would have gotten rid of the smell. Still, three hours later, the mildly itchy dry patches on my arms turned into angry red. I was moderately itchy but more disturbing was that the dry, raw and increasingly red skin was getting painful. I immediately grabbed a wet cloth and began wiping up the dust. Sigh.

Before I went to bed, I popped an antihistamine and just moisturized like crazy, hoping it would be better by morning. It is not!

The paint on wardrobe doors.

My forearm.

back of my knee
Back of my knee

back of my knee
Back of my knee

back of my knee
Back of my knee

My shoulder. You can see the last picture I took of it

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