The Weekend, in Snapshots

It wasn’t my plan to but I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I slept lots at night and accidentally napped for hours on both afternoons. I guess my body really was that tired. Miraculously though, my eczema has slowly been clearing up and by today, most of the red patches have dried up (more on that later).

It’s so itchy, I can’t stop scratching and now the worst part? It actually hurts, even when I’m not touching it.

choco muffin
Finally satisfied my muffin craving.

French fries, oh how I’ve missed you!

They took a blood sample for my health check up.

View from garden at Upperhouse. Still trying to figure out this camera.

:: My eczema was pretty bad all of last week so when Friday came along, I was glad to stay home for some much-needed me time. TV takes my mind off itching so there’s nothing like a little couch-potato time when my skin isn’t feeling so good. When I was a kid, my mom used to slather me in steroid creams then Vaseline after showering. I would cry and cry because it stung so bad, and then she would plop me in front of the TV for cartoons and I would forget about the itching. The pic above isn’t great – I would put up more pics but the worst patches now are right at the side of my hips, symmetrically, and I don’t want to violate WordPress rules about inappropriate content.

:: I have been craving muffins for the past 10 days but just haven’t had the time to stop and grab one on my way to work. I couldn’t wait to pick one up on Saturday, creamy chocolate chip ones are the best (and yes, I know the God-awful amount of sugar could not have been good for my eczema but I just couldn’t resist!). I took it a step further and indulged in fries. Fried food and MSG can sometimes lead to crazy flare ups so I usually avoid them altogether, but along with the muffin… you know what I’m saying? I do give in once in a while though, and luckily they don’t always result in crazy itching.

:: I went on Groupon a few months ago to buy my first ever body check as an adult. They took what seemed like a lot of blood and man, that needle hurt a lot more than I remembered from donating blood to Red Cross in high school.

:: The garden at the Upperhouse has been one of my new favourite hangouts this summer.


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