GOOD 30 Day Challenge: Document Your Life – Day 1

Streetstyle: Luxury to the max in Hong Kong. What’s going on with the shoes and the cracked eggs?

I started this blog in the summer when I was going through a really uncomfortable period of eczema, as a way to get my thoughts and feelings about the skin condition across. While that’s still what I want to blog about the most – everything about eczema from dealing with it daily, to letting out some frustrations with the constant itching and self-esteem issues it brings, and also eczema in the news and tips – I wanted to add something new. For the month of November, I’m going to try GOOD’s Document Your Life challenge! In addition to the eczema updates of course.

GOOD, one of my all-time favourite websites, is running a photo challenge for the month of November. Titled Document Your Life, GOOD dishes out a daily challenge to snap a photo of something cool, funny or weird as a way to capture life’s moments. This is the perfect opportunity to force everyone to stop and smell the flowers, as well as for me to get practicing on my new camera! Yay!

Because of the issues with time difference (I’m twelve hours ahead), it makes the whole posting on their site / Tweeting pictures in time a little bit difficult. So instead, I’m just going to share my pictures here (because posting everyday at this job is already tough enough). I’m a few days late but here are the images from November 1, topic: Street Style.

GOOD 01a
Pink! Wicked! I actually thought about getting a similar version (Olympus EP-3), but the interchangable lens is bit of a hassle.

GOOD 01c
An ad for

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