Blue Monday, Not Monday Blues

I’m a little behind on my GOOD Document Your Life challenge this month, but not to fear! Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I’ll actually manage to see something that I can snap a picture of. Besides food that is, because I have tons of those pictures already.

I had a horrible, horrible Monday in the office and didn’t manage to leave til after 8pm. Nothing went right, there were angry words exchanged within teams and everyone just seemed super angry and frustrated yesterday. Just one of those days I suppose. I got home, grabbed a quick TV dinner with Zooey Deschanel in New Girl and immediately felt better. I needed a pick-me-up!

Something New
GOOD Document Your Life Challenge – Day 5: Something New. Just a few days after Halloween and the first signs of Christmas are up already! This Christmas tree outside my neighbourhood Starbucks put an instant smile on my face.”

Something Funny
GOOD Document Your Life Challenge – Day 8: Something Funny. I saw this message outside a cafe in Central and thought it was hilarious. So true too!

New Girl
Shot from New Girl TV show. Zooey Deschanel plays a quirky “adorkable” kindergarten teacher who likes to sing while making everyone feel embarrassed. Almost reminds me a bit of myself, but seriously, the storyline is just quirky enough that I got an immediate happy-high-five vibe after watching.

Edited to add:

How could I forget this? I must have watched this video five times in a row and was dying from laughing. Oh these adorable kids!


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