Do I Need a Humidifier in the Office?

My colleague’s humidifier in the office.

Fall has most definitely arrived in Hong Kong. The temperature has dipped and last week, we had a few days of super heavy rain. Since Wednesday, the air in the office has been so, so, SO dry, which is unusual. Even the humidity shown on the weather forecast was still between 65 – 85%. Anyways, I could feel my skin shrivelling in the office on Wednesday afternoon, much like a raisin. (If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll remember my frustrations).

I was dry, then so dry I was prickly, then I started to itch. Then tried to scratch inconspicuously in the office, hoping no one would notice. Small bumps started forming and I knew if I didn’t do anything about them they would turn into hive-like patches. So I spent the afternoon in the office applying moisturiser after moisturiser (because I have a lot of moisturising alternatives in the office). I ran back and forth, back and forth to the bathroom to splash on water before moisturising, but it didn’t seem to work. My skin still felt so tight, like I was being stretched over a glass jar and held in place with elastic. My colleague, who also has eczema (I only found this out on Friday, and was surprised she even mentioned it, considering we don’t know each other very well), has a humidifier near her desk and after this past week, I’ve decided I might get one too. I also break out when my face is dry so the humidifier would kill two birds with one stone.

But how do I pick one? According to some advice by Marcie’s Mom, dust mites can thrive in humid environments, so it’s best to pick one where you can control the humidity level. My two main concerns are with size and brand. There’s not much room near my desk so it would have to be very small if placed on my desk or on the floor. I’m also very skeptical about buying from brands I’ve never heard of before, especially as it means there is no warranty or service centre. Here are a few I’ve been eyeing – the Japanese ones are really pretty!

If anyone has any humidifiers they would recommend, do let me know!

via Gizmine.

Outer space robot humidifier via Min Woo Lee (not available yet?).

via Bionaire.

Wooden humidifier via Moco Loco


Honeywell humidifier via Amazon UK.


2 responses to “Do I Need a Humidifier in the Office?”

  1. Marcie Mom says :

    Hi! Wow, some of the humidifers look sleek! Mine is just a simple egg, at least my eczema baby thinks it looks kindof like a scary dinosaur egg and seldom attempts to knock it over 🙂

  2. veryyang says :

    Hi Mei! Thanks for leaving a comment! They do, some of them look really really fun, especially the wooden one! But I don’t think they’re ideal for dealing with allergies or eczema. Hope I find a small one for my desk soon!

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