Back From My Weekend Getaway and Eczema Free!

View from train to Tainan

I’m back from my weekend getaway to Taiwan and I’m excited to share photos, as soon as I have time to upload them this weekend! The trip was relaxing, spent wandering around the old cities and travelling by trains to Tainan and Taipei. Taiwan is generally a lot less urban than what I had expected – for some reason I had the idea that it would be more similar to Hong Kong and Seoul.

The best part of the trip, aside from coming back completely relaxed? It’s that I’m eczema free! YAY! This is usually what happens to me when I step outside of Hong Kong for more than a few days. I was eczema free when I lived in Toronto; my eczema cleared up within 48 hours after I landed in London, Antwerp and Seoul. Who knows why? I chalk it up to me being allergic to something in the air in Hong Kong. But this is my home and although I’ve thought about it many times, I wouldn’t move out of the city just for my eczema. Or maybe I would, but my eczema isn’t so severe that it’s driving me out of Hong Kong yet. Whenever I arrive back into the city, my eczema-free state usually lasts for an hour and sometimes up to 48 hours. I’ve currently been back in the city for 72 hours and I’m still relatively eczema-free. My dry skin is a little bit itchy (humidity levels are down to 60% again) but aside from that, I have no rashes. I will be busting out the last of my tank tops and strapless dresses for this Indian Summer because I can finally show some skin and I’m so glad I can do so before winter gets here in a few weeks!

How’s everyone’s eczema doing?


2 responses to “Back From My Weekend Getaway and Eczema Free!”

  1. cphu says :

    Wow a lot less urban? I think you didn’t really visit the Xinyi district or the nightlife spots in various neighborhood in Taipei. Taiwan certainly don’t have a lot of tall buildings due to being in the earthquake zone, but the city such as Taipei is just as hip as any big cities if you know how to explore. It reminds me of Tokyo somehow.

    I live in NYC, and I dare to say that Taipei’s sophisticated nightlife is certainly on par with NY!

  2. veryyang says :

    Hi cphu,

    Thanks for checking out my blog! You’re right, Taiwan is so much more active at night than it is in the day. I was only in Taipei for half a day and visited Xinyi district (without going up Taipei 101) and the Red House Theatre (except it was closed!).

    I’m from Hong Kong and Taiwan reminded me a lot of Hong Kong in the 70s (and many Hong Kongers have said the same). It has this historic and quaint feel to it, even though Taipei and Kaohsiung are huge cities!

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