Photos of Taiwan I: Kaohsiung by Day

View from hotel.

Finally managed to sort through, resize and upload photos from my weekend getaway for sharing. Here’s the first of a few posts of Taiwan. The plan was actually just to head to Kaohsiung but I think we pretty much exhausted Taiwan’s second largest city after walking around for eight hours. Kaohsiung, and Taiwan generally, is so different to what I had in mind (mostly to what I’ve seen on Taiwanese dramas). It’s not at all urban and reminds me very much of Hong Kong in the 70s, or present-day Guangdong. The city is so quaint and the Taiwanese people are so charming. I’m so happy it was a relaxing trip and that it completely cleared up my eczema!

Park outside Kaohsiung Cultural Centre. Looks like a magical forest.

Beautiful, sunny, sunny weather and palm-tree-looking trees. I can’t get LA out of my head when I see this picture, even though it’s nowhere near the same.

The carpark needed some decorating…

Tons of Japanese influences in Taiwan. Not sure what this cat is doing here though.

The Love River is one of the main attractions in Kaohsiung and is particularly pretty at night. I didn’t feel the romance though, but it was a spectacular view.

View from Kaohsiung 85 Building, tallest building in Kaohsiung. Such an incredibly dense city.


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