Eczema Back with a Vengeance, Thanks Dan Ryan’s

Way too salty lasagne.

Very good brownie with vanilla ice cream.

I knew I couldn’t expect my week-long eczema free bliss to last (oh super smooth skin, how I miss you!), but I didn’t think it would come back so vengefully! I can honestly say it was easily the worst eczema nights of my life. I’m going to have to shake my fist at Dan Ryan‘s! Here’s how my night of terror went:

7:30pm – Dinner at Dan Ryan’s. The potato skins and brownie + ice cream were fine, delicious even. The lasagne was way too salty and it felt off even as I was eating it. I’ve had bad experiences with Dan Ryan’s mains before (not eczema-related) but I hadn’t been there in so long that I guess I just forgot. I managed to get through a third of the lasagne, decided not to waste the rest and asked for it to be packed.

Midnight – I’m about to sleep. At this point, I’ve been itching for two hours since I got home from dinner. My skin is dry and flaky but luckily no rashes had popped up yet. I take an antihistamine, add an extra layer of moisturiser and drnk two more glasses of water before I sleep. I feel like I have my eczema-prevention routine down, right?

3:30am – I’m so itchy I could die! I am woken up from an intense itch. I’m already having a nightmare and scratching, so I’m half awake at this point. The itching is so intense that the shoulder area actually HURTS, like a fresh wound being exposed to oxygen. I get up and drink some more water, just trying to bear with it. I only get about 15 minutes sleep when the pain wakes me up again. It feels like something is burning, and it’s itching at the same time. I turn on the light, FRUSTRATED. I’m also mad because I need the sleep – it’s been a long week already and I know my body needs to catch as many minutes of sleep as it can.

3:45am – I get up and turn the light on to look at this monster. WHAT is happening to my body? Why is it itchy AND painful? There’s nothing on my skin, it’s barely even red. I try and take a picture of it with my phone in my sleepy state. It looks fine, but sore when I touch it though. Close my eyes and drift off for about 10 minutes when it itches again. I apply some steroid cream on it.

4am – The steroid cream is not working! Check Twitter to see what’s happening and Tweet about this disaster. Almost decide to take part in Modcloth’s I Spy Thursday giveaway to distract me from the itching, but I can’t concentrate! I should be focusing on trying to get back to sleep anyways.

4:15am – I think I’m okay, time to turn the lights back out. Except that it’s not okay. I can’t even take my hand off it because it hurts less when my hand is applying pressure on my shoulder. Drink more water and clip my nails.

4:30am – FRUSTRATED. Nothing is working and I NEED to sleep! I grab an ice pack to freeze the skin – it’s one of my last resort remedies to immediately relieve itching (it doesn’t last though). I fall asleep like that, with a towel-wrapped ice pack under my armpit and finally manage to make it to 7:45am. Was obviously very late for work this morning.

What a disaster. What do I think caused it? I’m not too sure. My best guess is the food. My lack of sleep throughout the week probably set up me such that the E monster would be easily triggered, by anything. I’m thinking it was the salty lasagne, specifically salt, MSG and the tomatoes. I’m usually fine when tomatoes are cooked and not raw, but when you’re body isn’t at it’s strongest, I guess even unusual triggers will get to you. Spanish food tonight with friends, I’ll just try and eat less to avoid making it worse. Maybe I’ll just chow on some plain bread instead.

How was everyone’s eczema this week?


5 responses to “Eczema Back with a Vengeance, Thanks Dan Ryan’s”

  1. David Bennett says :

    I had eczema as a kid. It disappeared almost overnight when I saw a man who had eczema all over his head. I think the shock drove away my eczema.

    When I had it, I used to get bandaged up at night so that I couldn’t reach the itch. It didn’t work – I would use the bandage like a rough rag to scratch myself. I would twist my fingers into the tight bandage to make something to dig into my flesh. Over and over and night after night the crooks of my arms would bleed.

    They tried cream inside the bandages but it drove me even more crazy.

    The pleasure of making my arms bleed and the pleasure of making the itching stop was so good that I would be almost happy.

    I hope yours gets better.

  2. veryyang says :

    Thanks for taking the time to comment David! Man, I wish something would scare my eczema away… but I’m glad yours is gone. I hope it stays that way! I know exactly what you mean… I try very very hard not to scratch in public and the relief of being able to scratch when I get home is sometimes like a high. I sit down and just scratch for a few minutes and I can’t take my arm away sometimes. It’s terrible. But I am grateful that my eczema is not as bad as I know it could be. Thanks again for your comment!

    • David Bennett says :

      Thinking about it now, I remember that when it would first start up it was like tiny thread-like worms crawling just under my skin.

      I sometimes used to slap my armpit hard to stop it and it would halt if for a bit.

      Well I wish you all the best with it – and hope it subsides and just goes away.

  3. Spanish Key says :

    Histamines in the concentrated tomato sauce and possibly parmesan in the lasagna is my guess about what triggered your eczema. Italian food, in my experience, can induce the most intense itch of all restaurant varieties, even though it’s not spicy.

  4. veryyang says :

    Hi Spanish Keys,

    Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience! Is the histamine level higher in concentrated tomato sauce? What about in raw tomatoes? I seem to have a problem with raw tomatoes but not with cooked ones. I should look into that…. Anyways, that’s too bad for both of us because Italian food is super delish! =)

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