Photos of Taiwan IV: In Food

I’m not at all a foodie but I love to take pictures of food. Food photography, when done right, makes my mouth water so much more than actual food does, and so I love to try and capture a good shot. I think it’s also a great way to practice using my camera, with macro functions and bokeh.

Everyone says there’s a ton of delicious food in Taiwan but I find that unless you know where to go, it’s hard to find something “authentic”. I think that’s true for most holidays, unless you happen to be in a busy area. We were in a real rush for most of the trip, trying to catch trains and buses and so were just glad to be able to pick up any food at all. I may hate major brands (Starbucks!) for chewing up the Mom and Pop stores but I have to admit they’re a life saver when I’m in an unfamiliar place and in a rush.

bibimbap kaohsiung
Yup. I had korean food in Taiwan! Bibimbap.

Shin ramen. Always reliable, especially at night, at a convenience store in the middle of nowhere!


Love the chalk menu!

Dumplings. My all-time favourite food!

Hotel breakfast. I get really hungry in the mornings.

Just to had to throw these in. So lively!

kids in taiwanballroom dancing in kaohsiung


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