Still on Chinese Medicine

01 Chinese Meds
The stuff looks potent! Two cups a day, after meals.

02 Chinese Meds in a pack
Powdered form, so much more convenient.

It’s been a long break and I’m slowly easing back into the blogging world.  Life has been busy – changing jobs, family “stuff”, travelling for work etc etc.  My eczema has flared up a few times since, and last month I had the beginnings of an eczema attack on my face.  I bought and attempted to slather a ton of Physiogel AI on my face.  It didn’t get better.  The lower part of my face was starting to swell and I immediately called my dermatologist, freaking out.  There goes another HKD2000, my God he’s expensive!  A round of antibiotics, Aerius and Pepcidine (to be combined with Aerius) later, my face recovered and I had beautiful skin for about two weeks. I did a bit of travelling, suffered from jetlag (i.e. lack of sleep) and the eczema is back!

I haven’t stopped taken Chinese medicine (except when it would have overlapped with Western meds). The practitioner I’m with now is very good and I generally feel better after taking the medicine. I had to go to London last week and couldn’t take my usual vacuumed liquid packs, so instead, I got the powder. Much more convenient but I can’t help to think the medication is more potent when boiled straight from the herbs.

P.S. I’m not a doctor, so please don’t go running off and buying whatever meds I mentioned! I just wanted to share what my doctor prescribed and how I reacted to it.


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