I developed eczema before I was three years old (I’ll have to double check with my mother on the exact year) and have been battling it ever since. Now in my 20s, it’s less severe but keeps coming back. It bothers me much more now on an emotional level because adulthood comes with a bigger and more active social life that you can’t just temporarily hide from (which means you have to constantly answer questions like, “what’s that rash on your arm?”, “why are you wearing long sleeves when it’s 36 degrees?”, “why aren’t you drinking? come on, just one more drink!” when all you want to do is crawl into a hole and hope nobody looks at your skin). I’m so much more self conscious now about my body than when I was a kid or teenager, when everybody looked dorky and most kids cared more about being popular and getting good grades than whatever was on their bodies.

That’s not too say that the intense burning and itching on my skin doesn’t bother me – it really does.

So this year, I decided to start a blog. It’s writing and logging my life with eczema, mostly for myself, but to whoever stumbles on this blog, especially fellow eczema sufferers, I hope it helps to have shared my experience, flare ups and health-related information.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!


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